Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Thing Is...

... I'm bored as hell so I'm writing down random thoughts at 5:08 AM while I'm sitting Indian-style with my feet all covered with  mosquito net.

... I'm very thankful that my heart has found a home. A very wonderful, loving person. Thank you babe for being that home. I love you. :)

... I've been missing my nephew so much. Spending just 2 days with him when I was in the province wasn't enough. Haymishuuu my baby Kurt.

... I miss my sister too. I think I will go visit her this weekend.

... PNoy does not seem to be measuring up to the expectations I have had for him. Maybe he is just an Aquino by name. I think that it would have been better if he inherited his father's intelligence and courage and his mother's charm and grace. But hey, we all have our learning curves. I'm really hoping he learns pretty fast. And soon. I still believe in you PNoy and I still have high hopes for you. You can do it!

... The Gay Marriage Act in New York is a treasure trove of hope. Baby steps, we will eventually get there.

... Kabayan Noli should refrain from giving negative comments or lambasting the government when he himself was not able to solve the recurring problems of our country during his term as Vice-President. Yes, I'm talking about his side comments in TeeVaay...Patrol.

... We should be mindful of throwing our trash and garbage. If everyone puts into practice proper waste disposal, our collective efforts would definitely have a big impact on our flood problem.

... We should be thankful to the BPO Industry for providing employment to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos.

... If Marcelito Pomoy is to be part of ASAP, would he have a showdown with Sarah and Angeline or with Erik  and Jed? :))

... I want to charge head on and retrain the front liners of Globe and Sun whenever I call their help desk and teach them proper customer service. 8 out of 10 times that I call them always result to me having headaches and hypertension. Such lame customer service they have.

... God does not always give you what you ask of him. Most of the time, God gives you what you need.

... Don't lose your relationship with God. Talk to Him. He is always just there. Dial Heaven.

... I'm missing someone so bad. If only I can apparate I would do so. Or a port key please? Or some floo powder? How about a broom, A nimbus 2000! Or is there a 2011 version? Haymishuuuu babe ...

... I think that I'm a good person. So long as I can, I would always be a good person. But sometimes being good is not good. I think it's time that I show off some attitude. :)

... Since I want to be in Santa's list every Christmas, I think I will always just be good. Hi Santa, can I please ask for a US Visa? :)

*photo from Google image search

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tim said...

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