Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unconditionally Yours

There is no reason to my loving you. I love you just because. I love everything about you. And I have accepted everything that you are. Life comes in packages. Just like love. So when you love someone, you accept that someone for everything that he is. 

And with love comes trust. Not the condom but the real thing. I trust you completely that's why I am handing you my heart. My heart chose you so please keep it safe, value it, take good care of it for my heart will always be yours and yours alone. You will never find a pure and loving and true heart anywhere.

I love you. I love you just because. There is no reason to my loving you. When all else is gone , including reason, my love for you will still remain. I Love You. Period.

I love you babe.


ron.angitawagmosaakin said...

napakatamis!!!!! sana may magsabi dn nito sakin. nananawagan?! hahaha.

stay happy friend!

Makii said...

kuha ka ng megapone saka mag page. hehehe. Salamat Ron =)