Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fairy Tales and Me


I have always been an old school romantic. I grew up watching and reading fairy tales. So that explains my being the happily ever after type. The type who believes that prince charming will come riding on a white steed, all proud and strong and brave, while singing " I know you, I've walked with you once upon a dream ..."


My love for fairy tales and anything love story made me view love as something very, very special. It is something that encompasses everything. Like magic it can cure anything - revive someone after eating a poisoned apple or even bring someone back to life after sleeping for a hundred years. It made me believe that Love is pure and that with Love anything is possible.


And then YOU came along. Like the plot in my childhood fairy tales, you came. My very own Prince Charming. My prince who will vanquish the evil witch or kill the horrible dragon. Who will sweep me off my feet. Dance with me in the castle and bring out the glass slipper which I left while trying to catch my 12 midnight curfew. ( So gay I know! LOL).

From a far-away kingdom you came. You sprung out from the fairy tale books and into my reality. There was no white steed but boy were there songs ... lots of songs as if being sung by the fairies above. The minute I saw you was like magic. And when you held me in your arms I felt that same feeling I have always felt every time I'm with my childhood fairy tales ... a feeling of that pure, cosmic, divine, all-encompassing Love.

And like Cinderella and Aurora, and Snow White, I now know what it feels like having my own happily-ever after.

I Love You my great prince :)

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