Sunday, July 10, 2011


Baláy - [noun] Ilonggo for House, home; building, dwelling, abode (from online dictionary).

Yes, a balay is not just a house but also a home. A home where one sleeps, eat, bathes, store clothes, buy appliances and furnitures for. It's roof, walls, doors and windows protect you from rain, strong winds, snow, the heat of the sun. In other words, a refuge, a sanctuary. It doesn't matter whether it is big or small. All that matters is that your balay is your own private place where you feel safe, protected from the  harshness of the world.

Your balay is your silent friend. She hears your every words, she listens to your whispers, your moans and groans of everyday living. She knows your secrets. She is a witness to your everyday struggles and to your every success as well.

It is also where you start or plan your dreams, and grow them, and reach them.

Congratulations on your new friend babe!

I am sorry for missing out on the transfer and for not being here/there when you needed me.I may not be there to celebrate it with you but know that deep in my heart I am always with you.

And as the curtains on your new balay opens up to welcome the sunlight, let it be a symbol of renewed hope and vigor. Let the sunlight light your way to a more successful career, closer ties to God, family and friends, and more strength, understanding and loving going our way.

I love you babe. :)

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MkSurf8 said...

winnhur! pink ang curtains! hahaha

haaayyyy mas masaya ang house pag kasama ang babe. so the house will be a home. choz!