Monday, July 25, 2011

This Much Is True ...

... my Love is here for  you.

I love you babe ... for now and always.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One At Work

If I am the president of your company I'd be giving you something like this:

Dear ___________:

Today marks your first anniversary as a
member of the company. We would like
to take this opportunity to thank you for one year
of fine workmanship and company loyalty.

We know that the growth and success of our
company is largely dependent on having strong
and capable staff members, such as you.  We
recognize the contribution you make in helping
us maintain the position we enjoy in the industry.

We are hoping that you will remain with us for
many years to come and would like to offer our
congratulations on this anniversary.

Yours very truly,

We know of your nap time every after your lunch hour. But it's ok because we know you work hard. Chot! LOL
I found your slogan for work. See below:

And eto daw yung anniversary gift ng company mo sayo babe. Pagbibigyan kita one time lang. LOL:

On a more personal note, no one appreciates the work you do better than those people around you that you help and those people whom you touch everyday - the people that you make happy simply by being you - cheerful and funny and witty.

Be glad for the work that you have. Appreciate it. Treat it as a blessing and you will be blessed as well.

Cheers babe!!! More years of blessings at work!!!

I am proud of you babe and I'm sure Inay and Ama are too. :)

I love you babe. :)

*work message taken from pictures taken from Google images.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Equals One

"I have learned the true meaning of being in love simply by being with you...I have found so much bliss of  having you to love. You have made my days brighter and my joys even greater."

We are two but we are also one.

Two different individuals.
Two kindred spirits.
Two sets of hands, each fitting to hold each other. Two minds, with the thought of being together. Two pairs of eyes, each looking beyond what is visible. Two sets of ears, each hearing whispers of hope and encouragement. Two mouths, each singing songs of the heart.

And two hearts, each beating as one. Feeling the love that we have for each other.

And as the song goes ...
"It's not how long we held each others hands
What matters is how well we love each other
It's not how far we've travelled on our way
But what we found to say ... "

And what I found to say is this:

"It's not always gonna be a smooth road for us. There will be bumps along the way. There will be trials and hardships. I guarantee that there will be really tough times, considering that I am here, and you are there. But I also guarantee you babe, that distance does not matter. I will remain true to you. I will remain faithful.You are the only love that I will have. You will always have my support, my understanding, my care. And that you have me forever and a day."
  Cheers to more years babe !!! As long as we hold each others hand, no matter how tough the road is, we will make it through. We will have that dream of ours - you, me, kiddo, one roof. :)

Happy 1st sa location mo ngayon.:)
Happy 2nd to us. :)

I love you babe. :)

*photo of two men and a baby from Google images

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Baláy - [noun] Ilonggo for House, home; building, dwelling, abode (from online dictionary).

Yes, a balay is not just a house but also a home. A home where one sleeps, eat, bathes, store clothes, buy appliances and furnitures for. It's roof, walls, doors and windows protect you from rain, strong winds, snow, the heat of the sun. In other words, a refuge, a sanctuary. It doesn't matter whether it is big or small. All that matters is that your balay is your own private place where you feel safe, protected from the  harshness of the world.

Your balay is your silent friend. She hears your every words, she listens to your whispers, your moans and groans of everyday living. She knows your secrets. She is a witness to your everyday struggles and to your every success as well.

It is also where you start or plan your dreams, and grow them, and reach them.

Congratulations on your new friend babe!

I am sorry for missing out on the transfer and for not being here/there when you needed me.I may not be there to celebrate it with you but know that deep in my heart I am always with you.

And as the curtains on your new balay opens up to welcome the sunlight, let it be a symbol of renewed hope and vigor. Let the sunlight light your way to a more successful career, closer ties to God, family and friends, and more strength, understanding and loving going our way.

I love you babe. :)