Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Are Not Number 1 ... You Are The ONLY One

This is the day that I literally first laid eyes on you. This is also the day that I felt your first tight, warm embrace. This is the day that I will forever cherish and playback in my mind ...

May 11, 10:33:00pm -

Your first text: "Nakapila na ako s immigration, tas kunin ko lang luggage, ready ka n? Nagtootbrush ka na? Char"

And as I parked my car along throngs of cars waiting for their loved ones as well, I can vividly remember how I felt back then. Nervous, scared yet excited. I felt like I was in a trance - just going through the motions of parking, then checking and rechecking if I locked my car properly, of walking to the waiting area, going upstairs to the familiar spot where I would usually stand to wait for my dad or my brother, near the letter "S" for our surname, as yours is just a few alphabet near. Lo and behold, there were no letters anymore, but bay numbers. That's when I panicked and snapped back to reality. LOL. So I sent you a message telling you which Bay number I was near at.

May 11, 10:47:10pm
Your second text: "Low bat ako, dito ako Bay ** hang init ."

But before you even sent that, I already saw you walking, in what you call your OFW outfit. hehehe. The familiar nerdy-astig look that I have been seeing and loving for what seemed like eternity is just there, a few meters away from me. So I went down the stairs, took a deep breath, crossed the waiting area and slowly walked towards you, my heart skipping a beat with each step I take. And then our eyes met and locked for what seemed like an eternity. I felt all the Earth's force push me towards you, and as I was nearing you, I felt my head throb, like all that was happening was surreal. But then you embraced me. Tight. Warm. And I embraced you back, not minding what people will think. All I know is you are here, I am with you, and we were hugging. That was my happy reality at that point in time.

I don't need to write in details the events that transpired after. All that's important is there we were, together.

And as I held your hands while I was driving, I knew for sure that this was it for me, that you were it for me. That everything that happened to me - people, situation, challenges, hardships, joy - all of those were momentary things that lead me to you. I knew back then that you are the person I want to spend my lifetime with, that you are the person I will hand my heart to, my trust, my everything. That you are the person I will take care of for the rest of my life.

I know this may sound cheesy but what the heck ... I love this song for us and I'm playing it for you.

Happy 1st Babe.

I love you a lifetime ... or two .. or three ... eternity...

p.s. - Someone wants to say hi:
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MkSurf8 said...

happy first =)

kalurks! umeksena talaga kayo sa airport! hahaha

jc said...

ayiiiiii! love love love! :D

Jpy Dee said...

happy 1st sir yon and tatay. ayieeee!!!! LOL

Makii said...

@kuya MKsurf8 - naman! ang eksena sa airport ay kasama sa drama rama ng buhay. masaya yun hehehe

@JC - dapat ganyan agi. love love love hehehe

@Jeos - salamat mula sa puso namin ni tatay. lol

Mugen said...

Happy Monthsary to you and him. Hehehe!

Makii said...

@ Kuya Mugs - thank you. hello sa inyo ni irog mo hehehe

^travis said...

sweetness! best wishes and congratulations, parang may kinasal lang.

just dropped by and followed.

Makii said...

ei travis! thanks thanks! hehehe.