Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Don't let the distance be a hindrance to what we have. Rather, let the distance be a testament of how strong our love is for each other.

Let's hold hands and pray. Let's hold hands and wish. Let's hold hands and together look into the future.
Walang bibitiw.
I love you so much babe.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Otap and Peanut Kisses Chronicles

Day 1:
7am        : at the airport waiting for our flight (mom saw us through before check in)
8am        : check in
9am        : flight to Cebu
11am      : arrival in Cebu
12pm      : bought tickets for Bohol trip
               : visited Magellan's Cross Shrine
               : visited Basilica De Sto. Nino
               : visited Cebu Cathedral
               : lunch
               : went to Crown Regency for the skywalk but was disappointed to know that their zip line           is  just 25 meters long for 600 pesos.
3pm    : check in at the resort
           : swimming
630pm    : free dinner buffet *smiley*

Day 2

4am        : wake up call
430am    : check out. on to Cebu pier going to Bohol
6am        : enroute to Tagbilaran
8am        : arrival Tagbilaran
               : Countryside tour: Sandugo Shrine, Baclayon church, prony the python with Marimar       on  the side,  zip line, loboc river cruise, tarsier, chocolate hills, butterfly farm, hanging  bridge.
6pm    : check in resort
8pm    : dinner

Day 3
9am    : breakfast and free buko juice hehehe
           : swimming
1pm    : check out. photoshoot. strolling. lunch.
3pm    : enroute to the airport
4pm    : check in
5pm    : flight back to Manila

Three days of being with you is paradise. Three days of adventure, of arguing with the front  desk over our free dinner buffet, of our free buko juice hahaha. Three days of hugging while we sleep. Three days of waking up and seeing your face first thing in the morning is priceless. The way you hold my hand while we walk on the beach and not minding the stares of those close-minded people made me love you more.

But what is more priceless is the way you put me to sleep at night and the way you wake me up  in the morning with your . . . farting. LOL

Thank you for those wonderful days. You know I'd go anywhere with you even to the ends of the  Earth if need be. As long as we are together, time and place does not matter. Anywhere and  anytime is our Heaven on Earth.

I love you babe.