Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Thing Is...

... I'm bored as hell so I'm writing down random thoughts at 5:08 AM while I'm sitting Indian-style with my feet all covered with  mosquito net.

... I'm very thankful that my heart has found a home. A very wonderful, loving person. Thank you babe for being that home. I love you. :)

... I've been missing my nephew so much. Spending just 2 days with him when I was in the province wasn't enough. Haymishuuu my baby Kurt.

... I miss my sister too. I think I will go visit her this weekend.

... PNoy does not seem to be measuring up to the expectations I have had for him. Maybe he is just an Aquino by name. I think that it would have been better if he inherited his father's intelligence and courage and his mother's charm and grace. But hey, we all have our learning curves. I'm really hoping he learns pretty fast. And soon. I still believe in you PNoy and I still have high hopes for you. You can do it!

... The Gay Marriage Act in New York is a treasure trove of hope. Baby steps, we will eventually get there.

... Kabayan Noli should refrain from giving negative comments or lambasting the government when he himself was not able to solve the recurring problems of our country during his term as Vice-President. Yes, I'm talking about his side comments in TeeVaay...Patrol.

... We should be mindful of throwing our trash and garbage. If everyone puts into practice proper waste disposal, our collective efforts would definitely have a big impact on our flood problem.

... We should be thankful to the BPO Industry for providing employment to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos.

... If Marcelito Pomoy is to be part of ASAP, would he have a showdown with Sarah and Angeline or with Erik  and Jed? :))

... I want to charge head on and retrain the front liners of Globe and Sun whenever I call their help desk and teach them proper customer service. 8 out of 10 times that I call them always result to me having headaches and hypertension. Such lame customer service they have.

... God does not always give you what you ask of him. Most of the time, God gives you what you need.

... Don't lose your relationship with God. Talk to Him. He is always just there. Dial Heaven.

... I'm missing someone so bad. If only I can apparate I would do so. Or a port key please? Or some floo powder? How about a broom, A nimbus 2000! Or is there a 2011 version? Haymishuuuu babe ...

... I think that I'm a good person. So long as I can, I would always be a good person. But sometimes being good is not good. I think it's time that I show off some attitude. :)

... Since I want to be in Santa's list every Christmas, I think I will always just be good. Hi Santa, can I please ask for a US Visa? :)

*photo from Google image search

Saturday, June 25, 2011


17 things about me...

17. Favorite number ko ay 17. ( hindi naman obvious no?)

16. Panganay ako sa aming magkakapatid. Dapat junior ako ng tatay ko pero naawa sakin at binigyan na lang ako ng pangalan na derived sa pangalan niya. Kaya babe muntikan na tayo maging magka nickname. Lol.

15. Nag aral ako sa private at public schools nung elementary ako. Sa private school natuto akong maging prim and proper, mag socialize at magsalita ng English. Marangya ang buhay private school. Sa public school naman natuto akong maging makikapwa. Nde magmahal ng kapwa lalaki ha, lol, pero makikapwa in the sense na natuto akong mag appreciate ng kung ano meron ako kse normally wala yun sa mga kaklase ko. Example, magandang damit, gamit, etc. So natuto akong mag share. At namulat din ako sa realidad ng mundo.

14. Lagi akong teacher's pet. Siguro dahil na din magaling ako mag english at lagi ako nasasali sa oration, essay writing at declamation. Mga beking skills lang, lol. Pero lagi din ako kasali sa mga quiz bee ( science, history at math. oo Math!).

13. Nagsimula akong magbasa ng Hardy Boys at Nancy Drew nung Grade three ako, at natapos ko ung lahat ng books nila kasama na ang Super Sleuths Series na andun silang tatlo bago ako nag graduate ng highschool.

12. Hindi ako mashadong matangkad nung elementary ako, average lang ang height ko. Pero nung tinuli ako summer ng Grade six, bigla ako umusbong. LOL. Tumangkad ako, nde na kelangan mag cherifer. hehehe.

11. Nung tinutuli ako nung grade six, sabi ng doctor habang hawak hawak niya ung beerd ko, meron daw ako "potential". Hindi ko naintindihan yun. Second year high school ko na nalaman ang meaning ng "potential" nung nagbabasa ako ng pocketbook, author nun ay si Sidney Sheldon. hahaha

10. Na addict ako kay Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, at Erich Segal nung higschool ako. Lahat yata ng libro nila ay nabasa ko na.

9. Nagsimula ang aking pagmamahal sa sports na Volleyball nung elementay pa lang ako. Idol ko na nun ang teams ng China at Brazil. Hanggang ngayon volleyball pa din ang pambansang sports ng buhay ko. Sunod dun ay pag jajacks na. :P

8. Iyakin ako. Lahat ng movie na napanood ko, as in lahat, ay naiyakan ko.

7. Nagkaroon ako ng dalawang girlfriends. Isa nung highschool at isa nung college. Tuwang tuwa ang tatay ko nung nalaman niya ito. Bagkus, mas mahal pa nila ang GF ko kesa akin. Birthday ko wala silang gift pero birthday ng gf ko meron silang gift. hahaha

6. Dahil siguro sa mahilig ako magbasa ng libro at umiyak sa mga sine, at sa hindi masyadong masayang childhood, naging masyado akong sensitive. Kaya minsan nagiging problema ito. Pero ngayon, sa tulong ng taong mahal ko, mag uumpisa na akong maging carefree sa buhay. Salamat babe sa pag uunawa :)

5. Mabait ako na kaibigan. Super bait actually. Mahal ko ang mga kaibigan ko at handa ko silang ipaglaban. Pero meron mga panahon na nababawasan din ang mga kaibigan kapag naging issue ang pagtitiwala. Nalulungkot ako pero hindi naman ako nang aaway. Hindi ko na lang pinapansin.

4. Malaki ang tiwala ko sa ating Panginoon. Dati ay sobrang involved ako sa church works. Ngayon na nagtatrabaho na, medyo hindi ko na naasikaso masyado ang tungkulin ko sa Kanya. Pero lagi ko Siyang kinakausap. Alam ko na maganda pa din ang relasyon ko sa ating Panginoon.

3. Mahalaga sa akin ang aking pamilya. Mahal ko ang aking mga magulang at mga kapatid at pamangkin. Handa akong gawin lahat lahat para sa kanila. Iyakin ako sa usaping pamilya.

2. Equally mahalaga din sa akin ang aking babe. Mahal na mahal ko siya. Tapat ako magmahal at handa kong gawin lahat para lang din sa babe ko. I'll always be there for my babe - to support him, understand him and care for him. And I know I'll also be a good parent to our future kid.  I love you babe. :)

1. I will always try to be a beacon of light for everyone. Sana matupad yung pangarap namin ng sister ko na maging multi billionaire para matulungan namin ang mga mahihirap nating mga kababayan. Meron na kaming nagawang plano for a shelter and livelihood program para sa kanila. Lord, it's all up to you. :)

Osha hindi pala kasya sa 17 lang. Kaso ayaw ko naman ilagay lahat, baka mawalan ng mystery ang pagkatao ko. Mahirap na din magkaroon ng clone. Ako ay unique at nag iisa lang. Til sa susunod na entry, sana hindi kayo na bore. Kung nabore man kayo kakabasa, wala na ko pakelam dun. LOL. Later. :)

*photo taken from Google images

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Suuupppaaahhh Dads

Fathers deserve our thanks for all their sacrifices, efforts, support, love and care. The fathers who are the foundation of our families. The fathers who are all too willing to go abroad, be separated from their loved ones just so they can give us all the luxuries in life.

Fathers deserve not just a thank you but also an I Love You. An I love you for every drop of blood, sweat and tear that they all endured to give us the kind of life that we relish today.

I also would like to give a shout out of thanks and I love you to all the moms. All the moms who also acted as dads when dads are not around.

A special shout out to all single parents who are not just moms but are also dads, who are not just dads but are also moms rolled in one. The burden of playing two roles is not a joke. It is more than a full time job - very difficult but rewarding. And for that I commend all single parents in the whole world.

On a more personal note, I would like to say thank you to my dad and to my mom for being the kind of parents that everyone wishes for. Dad and I may not be close for the longest time but for years now, I see the effort that he puts in and I am very happy with our progress. I didn't learn the game of basketball or judo where he is good at, but I learned how to play the game of life through his words and actions. I know I am not the son you hoped for, but I am trying to be the son you can be proud of. Yes there are still times that we have our differences, but I must say that this has been the closest dad and I have been. I now get to say I love you right on his face and we even chat through FB or skype. :)

Thank you as well to my babe's ama, for raising such a wonderful, loving son.

To my Lolo Insyong and Lolo Papa, thank you for being second dads to me, for both being number 1 fans of mine during my elementary and high school years. I miss you both and I hope you are proud of me.

Advanced thank you to myself, for I know that I am going to be a good dad in the future. Ok Ok, you and I both babe. :)

And to all the fathers in the whole wide world, a big thank you to all of you.

Thank You Dad. Thank You Mom. Thank you both for being Supppaaahhh Dads.
I Love You Dad. I Love You Mom.

Yes babe, I love you too. :)

Photos grabbed from Pieces of My Mind - Kae's Blog and http://mopio.wordpress.com

Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Are Not Number 1 ... You Are The ONLY One

This is the day that I literally first laid eyes on you. This is also the day that I felt your first tight, warm embrace. This is the day that I will forever cherish and playback in my mind ...

May 11, 10:33:00pm -

Your first text: "Nakapila na ako s immigration, tas kunin ko lang luggage, ready ka n? Nagtootbrush ka na? Char"

And as I parked my car along throngs of cars waiting for their loved ones as well, I can vividly remember how I felt back then. Nervous, scared yet excited. I felt like I was in a trance - just going through the motions of parking, then checking and rechecking if I locked my car properly, of walking to the waiting area, going upstairs to the familiar spot where I would usually stand to wait for my dad or my brother, near the letter "S" for our surname, as yours is just a few alphabet near. Lo and behold, there were no letters anymore, but bay numbers. That's when I panicked and snapped back to reality. LOL. So I sent you a message telling you which Bay number I was near at.

May 11, 10:47:10pm
Your second text: "Low bat ako, dito ako Bay ** hang init ."

But before you even sent that, I already saw you walking, in what you call your OFW outfit. hehehe. The familiar nerdy-astig look that I have been seeing and loving for what seemed like eternity is just there, a few meters away from me. So I went down the stairs, took a deep breath, crossed the waiting area and slowly walked towards you, my heart skipping a beat with each step I take. And then our eyes met and locked for what seemed like an eternity. I felt all the Earth's force push me towards you, and as I was nearing you, I felt my head throb, like all that was happening was surreal. But then you embraced me. Tight. Warm. And I embraced you back, not minding what people will think. All I know is you are here, I am with you, and we were hugging. That was my happy reality at that point in time.

I don't need to write in details the events that transpired after. All that's important is there we were, together.

And as I held your hands while I was driving, I knew for sure that this was it for me, that you were it for me. That everything that happened to me - people, situation, challenges, hardships, joy - all of those were momentary things that lead me to you. I knew back then that you are the person I want to spend my lifetime with, that you are the person I will hand my heart to, my trust, my everything. That you are the person I will take care of for the rest of my life.

I know this may sound cheesy but what the heck ... I love this song for us and I'm playing it for you.

Happy 1st Babe.

I love you a lifetime ... or two .. or three ... eternity...

p.s. - Someone wants to say hi:
 *smiley face*

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unconditionally Yours

There is no reason to my loving you. I love you just because. I love everything about you. And I have accepted everything that you are. Life comes in packages. Just like love. So when you love someone, you accept that someone for everything that he is. 

And with love comes trust. Not the condom but the real thing. I trust you completely that's why I am handing you my heart. My heart chose you so please keep it safe, value it, take good care of it for my heart will always be yours and yours alone. You will never find a pure and loving and true heart anywhere.

I love you. I love you just because. There is no reason to my loving you. When all else is gone , including reason, my love for you will still remain. I Love You. Period.

I love you babe.