Sunday, June 19, 2011

Suuupppaaahhh Dads

Fathers deserve our thanks for all their sacrifices, efforts, support, love and care. The fathers who are the foundation of our families. The fathers who are all too willing to go abroad, be separated from their loved ones just so they can give us all the luxuries in life.

Fathers deserve not just a thank you but also an I Love You. An I love you for every drop of blood, sweat and tear that they all endured to give us the kind of life that we relish today.

I also would like to give a shout out of thanks and I love you to all the moms. All the moms who also acted as dads when dads are not around.

A special shout out to all single parents who are not just moms but are also dads, who are not just dads but are also moms rolled in one. The burden of playing two roles is not a joke. It is more than a full time job - very difficult but rewarding. And for that I commend all single parents in the whole world.

On a more personal note, I would like to say thank you to my dad and to my mom for being the kind of parents that everyone wishes for. Dad and I may not be close for the longest time but for years now, I see the effort that he puts in and I am very happy with our progress. I didn't learn the game of basketball or judo where he is good at, but I learned how to play the game of life through his words and actions. I know I am not the son you hoped for, but I am trying to be the son you can be proud of. Yes there are still times that we have our differences, but I must say that this has been the closest dad and I have been. I now get to say I love you right on his face and we even chat through FB or skype. :)

Thank you as well to my babe's ama, for raising such a wonderful, loving son.

To my Lolo Insyong and Lolo Papa, thank you for being second dads to me, for both being number 1 fans of mine during my elementary and high school years. I miss you both and I hope you are proud of me.

Advanced thank you to myself, for I know that I am going to be a good dad in the future. Ok Ok, you and I both babe. :)

And to all the fathers in the whole wide world, a big thank you to all of you.

Thank You Dad. Thank You Mom. Thank you both for being Supppaaahhh Dads.
I Love You Dad. I Love You Mom.

Yes babe, I love you too. :)

Photos grabbed from Pieces of My Mind - Kae's Blog and


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this is a very endearing post...

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Thanks JJ. I appreciate the comment. :)

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