Friday, May 6, 2011

Virgin Olive Oil

Ganda ng title no? Yan ang una kong entry, Virgin Olive Oil kse virginal dahil first entry nga (at ni explain talaga hehehe).

I used to do Livejournal but I stopped. Feeling ko kse nun every time that a person reads my entries para akong nahuhubaran. I feel weak , vulnerable and very transparent. Unlike some of the bloggers, my blog is not my alter ego. This is the real me. So that explains why I was hesitant at first to start blogging again.

Sabi ko nga I'll just make this private para walang maka alam. This is just for my own eyes only, an outlet pag sawa na ako sa kakausap sa sarili ko hahaha.

So ayun, first entry first paninda. Sana meron bumili. :)


Darc Diarist said...

wow blogger! :P

Makii said...

Darc!!! hehehe. trying to be a blogger again after years of leaving LJ hehehe

Jei Son said...

same senario