Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meeting Moms

A relationship is made up of two people - two people who want to take care of each other, who want to make each other their world, who finishes each others thoughts and sentences. Two people who hold hands, hug, kiss and make love. Two people who shares in the ups and downs of life. Two people who celebrates life and love. Two people who support , encourage and grow with each other.

But just like every relationship, be it straight or controversial, these two people always want to take their relationship to the next level. And more often than not, that next level is a nerve-racking event called - meeting the parents. But in the world "we" live in, it is mostly meeting the mom.

Yes folks we've been through that. He introduced me to his mom and I introduced him to my mom as well (brother even included) *smiley face*

But it was not nerve racking at all. In fact, both our moms are very charming and accommodating that we never felt nervous at all, well, except prior the meeting. *grins*

No words need be uttered about the relationship but I think my mom already gave me her blessing when before taking our flight, she looked at him and then mom smiled a knowing smile at me.

I guess that's just what it takes. You don't really need to literally confirm it with your mom. All it takes is that one smile that says " Go for it son. You are lucky to have him and so is he. I love you both and you have my blessings".

I love you mom.

I love you babe.

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