Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Equals One

"I have learned the true meaning of being in love simply by being with you...I have found so much bliss of  having you to love. You have made my days brighter and my joys even greater."

We are two but we are also one.

Two different individuals.
Two kindred spirits.
Two sets of hands, each fitting to hold each other. Two minds, with the thought of being together. Two pairs of eyes, each looking beyond what is visible. Two sets of ears, each hearing whispers of hope and encouragement. Two mouths, each singing songs of the heart.

And two hearts, each beating as one. Feeling the love that we have for each other.

And as the song goes ...
"It's not how long we held each others hands
What matters is how well we love each other
It's not how far we've travelled on our way
But what we found to say ... "

And what I found to say is this:

"It's not always gonna be a smooth road for us. There will be bumps along the way. There will be trials and hardships. I guarantee that there will be really tough times, considering that I am here, and you are there. But I also guarantee you babe, that distance does not matter. I will remain true to you. I will remain faithful.You are the only love that I will have. You will always have my support, my understanding, my care. And that you have me forever and a day."
  Cheers to more years babe !!! As long as we hold each others hand, no matter how tough the road is, we will make it through. We will have that dream of ours - you, me, kiddo, one roof. :)

Happy 1st sa location mo ngayon.:)
Happy 2nd to us. :)

I love you babe. :)

*photo of two men and a baby from Google images

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Jj Rodriguez said...

good for the two of you... we will be celebrating our first year anniv this july 24th. hope we can just be like you guys... more time to be together... hard to be in a distant relationship...

be happy!